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Avenue of Expression: All the structures, muscles, tissues, fluids, energy involved in the allowance of oral expression of thoughts, images, feelings etc.

Many people are restricted around the neck area, especially when it comes to speaking their minds, having a voice of their own, being allowed to speak. This often goes back to childhood. Be seen and not heard. What an awful saying, basically telling the child that they should not speak, their voice should not be heard.

When you come for Craniosacral therapy, I will always connect in with your Avenue of Expression.  As the muscles relax and the body connects to the knowledge it can speak freely, for some the words will flow easily, for others I will facilitate you in connecting to the awareness of what it is your feeling, sensing, knowing but have difficulty putting it in words.

Once we find our voice and have our own permission to use it and clear any trauma around what it was that silenced us, the effect ripples outward like a domino stone. Our neck pain, our swallowing issues, our ability to breathe deeply &/or take a deep breath becomes easier. We find that we stand taller, our voice may even change its tone slightly, as in you speak slightly louder, or clearer. We may also find that we are not triggered by stuff, people that had previously triggered us.

Balancing our nervous system, by dealing with trauma allows us to reconnect with self. A body that’s constantly turned on, will be more susceptible to disease, fatigue, poor digestion, chronic illness and more…

A body that is well balanced in its nervous system will be healthier, have a better immune response to disease, have more energy, sleep better and more.

We all know people who are often sick, sleep badly, look unwell. Like wise we know people who are healthy, never get sick, look healthy, smile, and laugh a lot.   Which one do we want to be?

Of course, there are always things outside of our control, but there are also many factors within our control. So, I say to you today, take charge of the things that are preventing you from leading your best life. Book your appointment for 3-5 sessions of craniosacral therapy and begin the change you want to be.

Our bodies should be in parasympathetic mode unless we are in danger or in hightened levels of stress . If we stay in sympathetic mode, we burn out , we get sick,collapse, die even. Sympathetic mode is survival mode , saves us in times of danger.








 BP=Blood Pressure

HR= Heart rate

CO= Cardiac output= ammount of blood pumped out to the organs of the body at any given time

At times of stress, fear , anger, danger our CO increases, at rest/ relaxation decreases

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