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Fatigue ;ME; Fibromyalgia; post viral infections, e.g. Post covid syndrome; - Restart the Engine

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

More & more people are being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue also known as ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

It can come on suddenly, or present after a viral infection.

Symptoms can be many and varied, Exercise intolerance, even simple walking can be too much. Bowel movements are sluggish, sore throat with or without swollen lymph nodes in the neck and armpit area..

Depression, being emotionally unavailable to others, withdrawn, moody are all possible symptoms. They are most likely linked to the inability to function as you have previously been able to.

Even though you have chronic fatigue, and one would think that you would sleep all the time, insomnia and poor sleep in general is a big part of ME.

The limbs, joints are painful but not red and swollen.

Treatment for ME: Diet, anti-inflammatory foods; Good bowel health, avoiding constipation, Hydration, painkillers and steroids may also be necessary at intermittent levels.

From a Holistic therapy point of view, emotional health is vital to wellbeing on all levels and together with the above treatments can change your life around enabling you to restart the engine of living.

Have you suffered a trauma in your life, remember not all traumas are big violent events, but can also be as smaller events but to the individual its huge. This is of course all relative to the receiver of the trauma. What's small for one is gigantic for another. e.g; Rape is seen as massive, a slap on the face to a small child is seen as small.

Our bodies store all trauma (Big and small) in the tissues of the body, and unless dealt with may eventually reappear as an illness, or a variety of symptoms. Dr's generally can't find a cause for these symptoms, as the cause is hidden in our subconscious as a trauma or other event that has affected us emotionally. What triggers these emotions, these traumas? Sometimes it may be the constant heaping on of more and more events until the pot is overloaded, steam must be off loaded somewhere and, hey where better than the body.

Why is it we go to the Dr with our physical symptoms but with our emotions, we ignore them to our own detriment. Let’s spread the word that we need to see a therapist for our emotional health.

As a craniosacral therapist, I see the benefits of emotional work daily

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