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Hot of the press: Renew your energy Menopause(women)/ Andropause(Men)

Women and men experience Menopause.

We can all agree that for women, the symptoms are more intense and varied. As menopause is only now being talked about openly, most women suffer in silence, with some thinking, they are going mad ,losing the plot and in some cases , it is the cause of their marriage break up. This does not have to be the case.

Thankfully, dialogue is opening up and GPs are coming on board.

What can we do for ourselves? Articles , chat show talks, etc., will tell us to exercise, eat well ,reduce or remove alcohol and for some HRT will be the best answer. What's not spoken about is our emotional health.

Emotional health is a vital part of good health at any age but looking at the symptoms of menopause,(see above chart), it takes on a whole new importance, to get your emotional health in check.

Let go of what is not serving us, lighten the load so to speak, allow our selves to breathe again. The more balanced our emotional health is, the more our energy flows throughout the body. When emotional health is balanced, we have more interest in eating well and getting exercise.

Our lust for life , our life force, what ever you choose to call it, burns brighter and encourages us and motivates us in our daily lives.

All the exercise and good eating in the world wont make us healthy if we are carrying fear, anger, grief, hate, if we are closed of to giving or receiving love. Craniosacral therapy will facilitate to release of these emotions from your body.

How about if we look at menopause differently.

Konenki- Japanese term : Renewal of life : new purpose, growth, a time to embrace the future.

Lets change our mindset, see this transition as a positive thing, embrace it, talk about it .

Make a plan, 1st get our emotional health sorted, then we can, seek out herbs(take care if your on medications)ask a professional, teas, homeopathic remedies, exercise and eat well We will then be the path to a healthy future, that is a new phase in this life we live.

If we look at what we have achieved, especially those who have children.

Kids are constantly transitioning, & as moms and dads, we look after their emotions, from small toddlers , through the teenage hormonal years and into adult hood, massive change for them, for the best part of 24 yrs of their lives, and knowing how we can support them.

Well now its your time.

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