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Distance is not a barrier; Virtual Therapy experience

Updated: Jun 25, 2022

During lockdown, I started doing virtual healing sessions with clients. Initially I trialed a few with a friend, we were both a bit skeptical, that didn't last long as we both saw the benefits. we kept coming back for more to test the waters, so to speak and as we continued to see results, I decided to bring it to my clients. It works, no ifs, how's, why's, it just does.

Once a client has expressed interest, and shares what is bothering them with me, we set up the time and date. All you need is a comfortable place to sit or lie, undisturbed if possible. you can do this from your office, home, car, it saves time having to drive to the therapist, worry about traffic getting there, finding babysitters for the hour or 2.

Once we connect for the session, I always allow a full hour for the sessions unless pre-agreed for less time. During the session, I do not need to have eye or face to face contact, but I prefer if we can have the video on, so I can see how you are doing.

Our bodies communicate with us all the time, when we listen effectively and communicate back, that's when the healing can begin.

Lets not ignore the symptoms that our bodies are sending us, pain, tension, brain fog, lack of energy , insomnia , anger, fear, temper, emotional eating, drinking etc....

I will assist you in hearing what it has to say and how you can understand what it needs and then you will be aware of what your body needs.

Its a beautiful journey .

In this photo of the spiders web in my garden, it shows lines that connect, just allow yourself to see those lines within your own body, as lines of communication from the smallest cell to your present awareness. when we connect to the present awareness, we connect to every cell in the body, all we need to do now, is have the chat...

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